Talk about true love.

Kari Bordner is a 49-year-old guidance counselor at a high school in Indianapolis. Jeff Vest is a 56-year-old social studies teacher at the same school. Jeff and Kari have been dating for the past 15 years and recently decided to tie the knot.

Why is this so special? Well, they decided to tie the know in a very special way... at the high school they work at on the last day of school! This past Wednesday was the last day of school and the couple did not want to make a huge fuss or spend a lot of money so they decided to get married in the school gymnasium!

The couple did not send out invites until the night before but through a video someone shot, you can hear a lot of people were there. Kari wore a white dress and Jeff appeared to be in a coaching uniform (green shirt, shorts, and sneakers) at half court. The couple had a lot to celebrate that day as Jeff was also retiring early this year.

Congratulations to the newly weds!

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