Veterans have to deal with a lot not only while deployed but also when they come back home. None of us can truly understand what they went through and can't really connect to make them"feel" better. That is where this alternative idea comes in to allow veterans to deal with their experiences.

A nonprofit theater organization, Feast of Crispian, was founded in lakeside city in 2012 with the goal of bringing together professional actors and post-deployment veterans in order to teach and strengthen emotional resources. Veterans use these intensives to explore the realities of returning home from war.The company have served between 100 and 150 veterans annually through a three day acting intensive in Wisconsin and delivered many workshops across the country. Now audiences across Wisconsin will get to see all the hard work these veterans put into this workshops.

Feast of Crispian has announced the first ever National Veterans Theater Festival will take place May 23 through the 26th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Veteran theater groups from all across the country will be joining in on this Festival. All of these performances are unique stories either written by veterans or known actors/playwrights and speak to different views of military stories. All performances are 90 minutes or less and include a "Talk Back" session.

For more information on what performances will occur, check out the full article here.


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