Larry Yockey is a 64-year-old farmer from eastern Washington and has been battling stage 4 melanoma. Unfortunately, he is in pretty bad shape from this. The cancer has spread to his bones weakening them which led to a broken hip and cracked ribs. This not only hurts him physically but also hurt his livelihood.

Larry is a farmer and because of these injuries had no way of harvesting his crops this year. That is, he didn't until other farmers stepped up to help. A bunch of other farmers around the area found out this news and decided to start planning a way to help months ago.

On Sunday, about 60 farmers showed up at Larry's farm with combines and other equipment and harvested his entire 1,200 acre field in ONE DAY! If you don't think this is hard well here is some clarification: the farmers did three weeks of work in 6 hours!

Larry can now rest easy as the work is done and helped to ease his financial stress. He was blown away by the support of fellow farmers!

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