Texas couple Clay Cameron and Sky Howard were engaged to be married later this year on New Years Eve but plans changed slightly for them.You see the couple was hoping that the grooms grandmother, Charlotte, would be there for the joyous occasion. However, with the time frame, that did not seem like a possibility.

You see, Charlotte is 100 years old and lately her health has been declining. However, it was important to Clay for his grandmother to see him get married, so the couple decided to push the wedding up 6 months. That's not all, they also decided to get married in her hospital room!

Last month, they surprised Clay's grandma by showing up at her hospital room planning to get married right there! They kept those involved to a small amount and a secret so as not to stress out the grandma. Sky's mom was there, and a close friend married them.  The only other guest was Charlotte. Charlotte has always been a part of Clay's life so he wanted to make sure she would see this occasion.

The couple is still planning to have their other wedding on New Year's, but this one was just as important to them. They also posted some pretty great photos of it online.

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