During a wedding, the lucky couple usually receive a TON of gifts to get their new life started together right. I mean, guests spend a ton of money to help them on their way and one couple decided to do things a little differently.

Florida couple, Matt and Kelli Cameron, recently got married and instead of asking for the typical wedding gifts, they used the opportunity to give back.

You see, Kelli is a first grade teacher and knows first-hand that a lot of parents cannot afford so school supplies. Normally, in these cases teachers will spend their own money for the kids who can't afford the supplies to make sure they have everything they need. Knowing this first hand, Kelli decided to do something about it with her wedding.

The couple asked their wedding guests to buy school supplies so that they could donate them to schools for kids who need them. The wedding guests donated over 70 backpacks full of everything from pens to notebooks to water bottles and headphones. The school where Kelli works did not need the help, so she reached out to the district to find a school that could use the help. All the school supplies went to a high poverty rate school in Tampa.

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