8- year-old Zoe Figueroa from San Diego is a brave kid. I mean anyone who has cancer is pretty brave but being just a kid and having the strength to not only deal with it but beat it is pretty amazing. Zoe was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma (having to do with your nerve cells) and it is now in remission. She recently had her final treatment.

Not only did she have her final treatment, but she also had a birthday earlier this month. Most 8-year-olds have a laundry list of toys they want for their birthday, not this little girl. When asked what she wanted she told her mom that she already had everything she needed. So, she decided that she wanted to donate all of her gifts she received to the various hospitals that helped treat her so that all the kids there would have toys.

So, her family decided to throw a big party for her on July 6th and ended up raising about $750 for cancer charities. Her guests ended up donating over 200 toys to the hospital as well.

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