Who really thinks about what a beer tells others about you. When you're having a beer, it's because you just wanna have a brewskie, right? Well according to Bro Bible and a study they did with Founders Brewing, whether you drink a lager or an ale makes a big difference.

Check out the table below:

LAGER Personality traits:
Worried about future
More stressed
Loves meeting new people

ALE Personality traits: 
More easily frustrated
More easily intimidated
Likes being the center of attention
Bigger flirt
Likes new challenges

That's a lotta info based on a beer type. But the study went on, here are a few more results about all things beer:

  • 52% of people say TASTE is the number one factor for them when they pick a beer.
  • One out of three people say they're intimidated by craft beers.
  • The average person switches their favorite beer every four years.

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