Well, it's official. I've been working with Kerri on the K92.3 morning show for 1 month. In my first 30 days in Iowa, I've learned so many things about this state. For example, how much love Iowans have for the Hawkeyes. I swear, everywhere I go, there's black and gold Hawkeye gear. I've also learned Kerri can't sing or dance, but she's the "nicest" person, I've ever met in my life. She also made me add this into the story.

I've also learned Iowans are incredibly friendly. I'm so grateful for all of the kind phone calls and messages we've received at the station. The support Kerri and I have received has been nothing short of amazing, and I want you to know, that I'm thankful. When someone shows up and messes with your daily routine, it can take some getting used to, and hopefully, I haven't driven you nuts yet. I've also had a ton of help with the selfie challenge. Only 845 pictures to go.

I have also learned a ton about country music and how passionate Iowans are when it comes to listening to country music. K92.3 listeners are some of the best around and they've been extremely helpful when it comes to all of the things I've had to learn regarding country music. I'm not entirely new to country music, we listened to a lot of it growing up, but there has been a little bit of a learning curve, and I thank you for all of the help so far.

I really just want you to know how thankful I am to be a part of your life. Anytime you tune into the K92.3 morning show, I hope Kerri and I can make your day a little bit better. Let's shoot for 30 more days together.


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