I have a roller coaster bucket list. I've experienced some great rides in my day, but haven't made it to The Legend in Arnold's Park, Iowa yet. Thanks to a new video share, this one might just get added to my list.

An amusement YouTube channel just shared this sweet video and details about The Legend:

Legend POV, On-Ride 4K roller coaster at Arnold's Park Iowa. A classic wooden coaster with an out-and-back figure 8 layout. Located on the Great Lakes of Iowa, this small vacation town has a charming waterfront area with restaurants, shops, and this small classic theme park with classic flat rides and more.

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They're not kidding either. This first-person video gives you the viewpoint of what it's like to be in the front car. If you're a rollercoaster nut like me, you fully understand the importance of this.

I think one reason why The Legend is impressive to me is the fact that I've always had a soft spot for the old school wooden coasters. The best one I've ever ridden is The Screaming Eagle at Six Flags in St. Louis.

They changed the name a few years ago probably due to licensing, but one of the newer wooden coasters that impressed me was the Evel Knievel in St. Louis.

That thing is fast and will shake your teeth (in a good way).

The Legend is worth a day trip by itself to Arnold's Park which is located around 3 1/2 hours from Waterloo in northeast Iowa. Just make sure you get the front car on the coaster. You can thank me later.

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