Patience is a virtue that most of us have very little of and it is even easier now-a-days to get annoyed being made to wait when we are so used to getting information at the push of a button. I will be the first to say I have very little patience and can get annoyed pretty easily and there are a few things on the list below that really set me off.

OnePoll put out a new survey that had 3,000 people rank the things that make them annoyed to wait on. Do you ever get annoyed waiting on any of these things?

1.  Sitting in traffic. Road rage anyone?

2.  Being stuck on hold with customer service. I just hang up.

3.  Waiting in line at the DMV.

4.  Waiting for your food at a restaurant. This is where my hangriness comes from!

5.  Waiting to use a public restroom. When you got to go, you go to go!

What else did the survey learn about our patience? Check it out here.

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