Apparently during what is supposed to be the most "thankful" time of the year, we like to complain about our food. Makes sense right? Well, maybe you agree with these complaints though.

There is a new study that found out the most hated Thanksgiving foods in every state based off of over 50,000 "hate tweets" about food that have been posted in the past month. And surprisingly, 3 states really seem to hate the main act... Turkey. I mean I can't say I disagree since I am one who those people who doesn't like turkey which means I need to either move to Maine, Idaho or Oregon.

Since turkey is not the most hated Thanksgiving food, then what is? That would be cranberry sauce for the big win! It was the number one choice in 17 states and honestly, who is going to disagree? It really isn't all that. However, Iowa was not among one of these states that picked cranberry sauce so what did we pick?

Well, the most hated Thanksgiving dish in Iowa is green bean casserole. It is also the second most hated among all states. I can honestly say I agree, way too "vegetabley" for me (and yes, I am making this a word.

Here are all the most hated Thanksgiving foods by state:

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