Halloween night is all about the scares, the candy and of course the costume parties! I mean we always need an excuse for a good party, right? Well, you can attend the most epic Halloween party at the original "Scream" house on Halloween this year.

Without all the iconic horror movies, Halloween would be just a day but the movies add a little more. Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and of course we can't forget about the Scream movies. If your favorite movies are the Scream ones, well here is an opportunity for you.

There will be a Halloween party at the original "Scream" house that was used in the 1996 movie. Apparently someone actually lives in this house (creepy, right?) and they are renting it out for the weekend for the ultimate Halloween party. You HAVE  to show up in a costume (doesn't have to be from the movie) and you will be able to take selfies all over the house where the action happened. Of course you can't have a "Scream" party without showing the movie, right? The movie will be on VHS in the house and there will even be Jiffy Pop.

Here is the catch, tickets are $200 and there are only 150 spots available. Plus, the house is in California so you have to be willing to travel. However, if you are willing to travel for the ultimate Halloween party, check out all the details here!

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