Hot Dogs may be the All American Mystery Meat, but it turns out that they are more healthy than you may think.

I was always under the impression that hot dogs, while tasty, were just empty calories that will go right to the stomach. But it turns out that hot dogs are included on Weight Watchers medically-proven diet regimen.

Hot dogs that are light beef or pork are all over the Weight Watchers web site. Weight Watchers deems these light beef or pork hot dogs at just 5 points.  The main thing that this does is allows us to eat the all American Hot Dog without as much guilt.

Obviously, having one would make you feel better than having four, (or 72 like Joey Chestnut recently did) but at least it is recognized that you are probably consuming more calories from the bun than the typical assumption of hot dog itself. Weight Watchers has even posted recipes and other ways to keep the belt loop tight while grilling out this summer during National Hot Dog Month.

With the grilling season in full swing, July is National Hot Dog Month. Americans will eat 20 billion hot dogs every year, and if you laid all those hot dogs end to end, it would circle the equator 27 times. Of those 20 billion, 26.8 million of those dogs will be consumed inside the ball park, enough to circle the bases 36,000 times.

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