Just because two foods don't seem like they go together doesn't mean you cannot actually eat them together, right?

A new survey of 2,000 Americans from News.Am asked people to name some of the strange snack food combos they've tried, or that they like to eat regularly.  And here are 10 that multiple people mentioned .

  • Cheese and potato chips
  • Apples and cheese
  • Meat and sour cream
  • Ice cream and French fries
  • Potato chips and ketchup
  • Cream cheese and jelly.  By the spoonful, I guess
  • Pizza and ketchup (some people must LOVE tomatoes)
  • Popcorn and hot sauce.
  • Apple pie and cheddar cheese
  • Peanut butter and pickles

There's also specific flavors Americans crave, and they're pretty healthy according to that same survey, Americans frequently claim they crave these flavors:

  • Chocolate: 62 percent
  • Cheese: 49 percent
  • Strawberry: 39 percent
  • Bacon: 38 percent
  • BBQ: 34 percent
  • Honey: 33 percent
  • Coconut: 30 percent
  • Honey mustard: 26 percent
  • Blueberry: 26 percent
  • Lemon: 26 percent

So bacon makes the list, but NOT bacon double cheeseburger? How terribly un-American!

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