Concrete plans for a change is coming.

The FCC is telling phone companies that the robocalls need to be stopped by 2019. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sent a letter to telephone and wireless companies demanding concrete answers to carries will stop robocalls. Pai expects a response from each of the dozen companies by November 19th.

Pai said in a statement, "Combating illegal robocalls is our top consumer priority at the FCC. That's why we need call authentication to become a reality -- it's the best way to endure that consumers can answer their phones with confidence."

Pai is so adamant about phone companies eliminating robocalls and spam calls, he said that if systems aren't up and running to prevent robocalls by 2019, the FCC will "take action".

Earlier this year, the FCC issued it's biggest fine to date on a Florida man who made over 100 million robocalls in a 3 month period at the end of 2016. The FCC fined him $120 million because his robocalls were a threat to public safety.

Here's to the end of robocalls within the next few months!


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