On September 15th, 1996 a Waverly woman noticed something very strange outside her apartment window. She saw green lights approaching from the northeast at a pretty fast pace. That light then hovered about a mile away from her apartment. She also noticed that the color of the object had changed to red and white.

Sadly, for this woman, the story gets worse.

The woman, her daughter, and the daughter's friend all saw this huge light and felt true fear. According to the Almanac, this light even stalked them.

The woman, her daughter, and the daughter's friend got in a car for a trip to a local convenience store. The object appeared to follow them, becoming parallel to their car after they had traveled only three blocks. When they stopped at a stop light, the object stopped. When they moved forward, the object moved forward, keeping pace less than 50 feet behind and 20 feet above them.

The object appeared to stop following them once they got to the store. Understandably, they were too scared to get out of the car, so they went back to their apartment.

Later they looked out the window only to see the same glowing object again, this time hovering right over the apartment!

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After this the woman had enough!

The woman went inside to call police, while her two daughters and three neighbor children watched as the object turned white in color, with two large lights at the bottom...almost like eyes, they said. It was as big as a house.

By the time the officers arrived at the apartment the large object was gone. It had hovered there for roughly 5 minutes. Others had reported seeing it as well.

This story even made it into the Ford library museum! If you're a fan of aliens this doc is an interesting read.

What do you think it was?

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