You just never know what you'll discover when you take down a tree. A Jesup, Iowa family learned this recently when they discovered a family of baby raccoons from their fallen tree.

Here's the backstory from this just shared video as they described on YouTube:

My husband was cutting up a tree that fell down during a storm so we could clean up our yard and while cutting through part of it he heard animal noises. We discovered a raccoon nest and found a baby raccoon that had fallen out as well as 3 other baby raccoons inside the hollowed-out tree.

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One of the comments on YouTube asked where the mother raccoon is at. Good question, but so far this is all we know. The good news is that this family took the time to care for the babies while they figure out what to do next.

Humane Wildlife Removal states that if you find baby raccoons without their mother, keep them warm and secure in a box while you wait for professional help to arrive. While a raccoon mother's care is best, this is the best you can do until help arrives.

If nothing else, this is a sweet moment of wildlife innocence right here in our Iowa backyard.

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