Jake Hoot is in the enviable position of being the most recent winner of hit reality show The Voice, but as it turns out, the singer—who won America's heart as part of Team Kelly Clarkson—is still making time for the job he had before he became famous.

Hoot's day job is as a sales executive for radio stations in Cookeville, Tenn., as he explains to CMT, and he hasn't stopped doing it. However, becoming a household name has been a bit of a hindrance in keeping up with his daily duties.

"Being on The Voice has been hard because I love spending time with my clients. Just going to sit and talk and catch up and whatnot," he notes. Now that he is a bit more recognizable, people want to take pictures with him and get his autograph, which makes it not as easy to conduct business.

As he himself relates, this attention "is awesome, and I’m grateful, but that makes it hard to get my work done."

Hoot is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, as he's put in stints in electric work as well as heating and air before landing his radio job, where he initially decided he might be a good fit and has been for six years now.

Hoot, who wowed the Voice audience last year with an original song detailing the intricacies of relationship issues, has plans to release an album this year, but hasn't revealed too many details yet, and it's anticipated to be work that hasn't been publicly heard yet.

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