The past week has been a rollercoaster ride for those who have any investments in the stock market. Last week, a bunch of Reddit users in the subreddit WallStreetBets took it upon themselves to essentially upend the entire stock market system.

This subreddit, which is like a hyper specific Facebook group, on Wednesday was hidden from the public, but an hour later this was reversed. GameStop and AMC, the two major companies seeing rapid movement, continue to grow. However, the growth of these stocks appears to have slowed down.

Monday afternoon, representatives from the White House addressed the turbulent state of the stock market.

The current status of GameStop and AMC are as follows: GameStop stock has dropped more than 20% after it's nearly 1,600% growth since January. This stock is currently being closely regulated by Robinhood, a stock market app.

Some issues arose last week when Robinhood officials announced restrictions on dealings with AMC and GameStop.

One of the highlights of all of this stock drama, is that a failing business is getting back on its feet. AMC Entertainment was on the brink of bankruptcy, but shareholders are being "diluted" by about 75%.

Stocks are still so complicated I only really understand about half of what I just wrote. However, just like last week Iowa businesses that are tied to the stock market are currently stable.


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Iowa Stocks on 1/27/21

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