This story seems to never-end. By now, everyone has heard about Carson King, you know the guy who was featured on ESPN's College "GameDay" program with a sign asking for money for Busch Light that turned into a charitable effort. Well, as sweet as the story started, unfortunately it took a sour turn when a reporter for the Des Moines Register found racist tweets Carson made at 16.

This led to a roller coaster of a story because after these tweets were revealed, Busch Light company cut ties with Carson (the company was supporting Carson for his good deed and still agreed to match what Carson raised for charity but would not support Carson). Well, turned out the journalist had made racist tweets when he was younger as well and he got fired.

In the end, Carson still managed to raise over 2 million dollars for charity and most Iowans stood behind him, but it has led to some serious disagreements in some Iowa families. Two brothers in North Liberty, Iowa were recently discussing this whole story on Friday night when they started arguing over whether Busch Light was right to back out or not. It got so heated that 21-year-old Jordan Lewis punched his brother and wound up getting arrested for domestic abuse.

This story has caused so much tension but hopefully it can end on a good note with how much Carson raised.

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