Halloween isn't that big of a deal to Garth Brooks these days; with his daughters all grown up, he doesn't really have much of a reason to dress up ... but his wife sure does! From onstage pranks to all-out costumes, Brooks says it's Trisha Yearwood who really gets him in the Halloween spirit.

Brooks sat down with Taste of Country Nights in 2016, and the conversation turned to the holiday. While the singer has dressed up in years past, it was mostly just so he could celebrate with his daughters; over the past few years, however, he's been a little too preoccupied with things like his Word Tour to think about dressing up. That's why Yearwood had to remind him ... onstage in Salt Lake City in 2015!

"I'm starting [our duet] "In Another's Eyes," and here she comes up, full green; she’s the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz," Brooks recalls, still, a year later, somewhat dumbfounded by how his wife had covered her hands, face and arms in green paint. "The crowd went crazy."

Although Yearwood had to remind her husband to get in the spooky spirit last year, Brooks admits that he does love a good costume. He's been a joker in the past, but he says his favorite outfit ever was also a fun play on words: Darth Vader wearing a cowboy hat.

"It’s Garth Vader," Brooks explains. "It just makes sense."

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