According to a recent YouGov survey, 41% of Americans don't think you need to tip the maid at hotels. 46% said you should leave a tip. And 13% weren't sure.

So what do etiquette experts have to say about it? The short answer is yes, you should definitely leave a tip.

Here are some easy rules they say to follow:

  • Tip at least a dollar per night. That's the bare minimum. Some experts say two bucks a night. And if it's a nice resort or they did a great job, up to five bucks a night.
  • Try to do it every day. You might have different people cleaning your room. So don't just leave one big tip at the end. Space it out.
  • When you leave a huge mess behind, tip more. If you have a big family or threw a raging party, leave a few extra bucks for the hassle.
  • If you want to be really nice, leave them a note as well. Most hotel rooms have a notepad and pen. Then leave your tip next to the note, so they know who it's for. Just don't leave a note INSTEAD of a tip. They'd rather have the cash.

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