This week, Johnny Marks gave me the sequel to the movie he gave me last week, which is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Let's see how they compare!

Here is a quick recap of the movie; An Austrian crown prince is found dead and everyone suspects suicide. However, detective Sherlock Holmes decides that the prince was actually murdered and that the crime is part of a bigger plot by evil genius Moriarty. Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson are on the chase for Moriarty across Europe in order to stop the his master plan from coming to success. 

Now, the idea of the story is there but you know what they say, the first movie is always the best. I agree with this because although it was an easy watch, there was not a fully developed story. I felt there was some things that were missing. I loved that it seemed like Holmes met his match because Moriarty seems just as smart and deceptive with the difference being that he did not really have a conscience so could be one step of ahead of him. The bromance between Watson and Holmes was of course the best part.

In the end, it was a fun watch but not as good as the third. For more thoughts on this, make sure to look for our movie review and find out how many popcorn kernels Johnny and I gave our respective movies!

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