Valentine's Day is a day of eating chocolate, smelling flowers and of course watching romantic movies! Come on, everyone loves a good romance or rom-com movie even if you don't want to admit it. I will be the first to admit that although I am not a huge fan of romance and cheesy movies, I still have a soft spot for some romance movies (hey, it's fulfilling my dreams of finding that epic romance!).

So if you are putting your watch list together for Valentine's Day and looking for something different or new to watch, check out my must watch Valentine's Day movies list below! Hopefully it will give you some "lovely" inspiration (see what I did there?).

1. "Valentine's Day"- I mean you can't have a holiday and not watch a movie literally titled and based around the holiday. Although cheesy, it will give you those warm fuzzies if that's what you are into.

2. "The Last Song"- Okay granted Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth didn't work out in real life, but their characters will forever remain the perfect couple in my book.

3. "Pride & Prejudice"- You can't go wrong with a classic story of romance and independence. Although there were times I wanted to strangle Mr. Darcy, the complicated attraction between him and Elizabeth Bennet just made me want them to end up together even more! (What can I say, I have a thing for complicated situations)

4. "The Longest Ride"- The two love stories combined into one in this story prove that love can be tragic, sweet, fun, exciting and forever. Plus who doesn't love a cowboy?

5. "The Last Five Years"- Although, not a happy ending love story, it's a true look into all the challenges a relationship goes through and how your responses to it will effect what happens. Plus, I love a good musical and the music is phenomenal.


Bonus: If your just over Valentine's day, why not watch a movie about love of a stranger going to far towards obsession, stalking and kidnapping.... and yes, I am talking about the classic Misery!

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