Happy St. Patrick's Day! Look I know there is a lot of serious, negative things going on in the world right now and with social distancing you probably are not going to be going out to the bars tonight... so why not have a green beer at home and watch some Irish movies!

We have to find some joy every day to take our minds off of all the seriousness happening and here is one way to do this.. put some food dye in your favorite beer to turn it green at home and have an Irish movie marathon! Don't know what to watch? I got you covered!

Below is my top 5 list of favorite Irish movies! Okay, so they are not all "Irish" themed and probably just have Irish actors or talk about luck but it fits the theme of the day! So check them out and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1. "The Luck of the Irish"- Literally my favorite Disney movie as a kid and still to this day! A classic that has to be watched on St. Patty's Day!

2. "Just My Luck"- Who doesn't love a sappy romance novel about a girl who loses all her luck and good fortune and has to learn how to live without privilege and falls in love with a man who she despises at first. Ahhh love..

3. "Boondock Saints"- I don't suggest this one for the kids but if you like unorthodox crime fighters and sexy Irish accents, here you go!

*** Trailer not included due to rating***

4. "Far and Away"- I mean this involves Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman... Need I say more?

5. "Leap Year"- It is a leap year and it is St. Patrick's Day so logically you should watch this.

Bonus: Johnny Marks gave his favorite Irish movie "Gangs of New York"

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