We are officially about one week away from Halloween and you know what that means.... time to get in a spooky mood! If you already haven't been getting in a spooky mood this year with haunted houses or pumpkin patches or horror movies, well this weekend is the time to get into that mood.

With one week left until Halloween, it's time to put those decorations up that you have ignored, watch all the horror movies, bake some Halloween treats and get your costumes ready. But wouldn't it be nice to have a spooky soundtrack along with all that? I know it would and it will help you get into a spooky mood.

As being the Halloween Ambassador (yes, I gave myself the name), I feel it is my job to share some of my all time favorite Halloween mood songs with you to help everyone get into the spirit. Now this playlist below can range anywhere from musicals, horror movie themes, dark alternative songs or even Disney movies.

So take a listen below and add some of your favorite songs off of my list to your list! The playlist is great for a stay-at-home Halloween in 2020 or even a socially distant party happening. Honestly, it is just a great spooky playlist for all year long but I totally understand that for some, they don't want to hear this music all year long... I guess I can forgive you for that. Make sure to comment below and let me in on your favorite Halloween songs too!

Halloween: John Carpenter

Freddy Theme: Nightmare on Elm Street

Monster Mash: Bobby Pickett

This is Halloween: Nightmare Before Christmas

Ballad of Sweeney Todd

I Put A Spell On You: Hocus Pocus

The Addams Family Theme

Ghostbusters Theme

Thriller: Michael Jackson

Witch Doctor: Cartoons

Calling All The Monsters: China Anne McClain

The Exorcist Theme

Hello Zepp: Saw Theme 

Dead Silence Theme


Come Little Children- Hocus Pocus

Ghostbusters Sneakers


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