Fall is the time of sweatshirts, bonfires, hot chocolate (because I don't like pumpkin spice), apple picking and.... Netflix binge-watching! That's right, you may not think this is true, but think about it... you can get away with staying inside all day to binge your favorite shows or new shows because you can use the excuse that is is getting too cold out to go outdoors or even that it gets darker earlier and you just don't like driving at night... well, it works for me!

However, once you sit in front of that TV, do you even know what to watch or are you in a Netflix slump?

Below, I have my Fall guide to Netflix binge-watching to give you some new ideas on the shows you are going to fall in love with this fall! No you don't have to wait for new episodes each week for these but rather you can fall in love with some new characters and be cooped up in your house for weeks going through the roller coaster of emotions... basically like being in a relationship but you don't have to put as much effort in so best of both worlds! Good luck and let the binging begin!

1. "The 100"- be careful... you need to have plenty of time to follow every episode of this show or else you will get so confused! From the first moment 100 kids are sent to earth to see if it is survivable after an atomic bomb, chaos ensues and you won't be able to look away. You may even have to cancel work just to finish a season!

2. "Outlander"- Love Triangle? Set in 1700's? Two lives? I can place a check mark next to all of these.... if you love shows set in the old times, two chances for love but with a smaller chance for survival and love time travel, this is a show for you! (Note: NOT for audiences under 18!)

3. "Lost Girl"- This Canadian powerhouse show combines supernatural creatures, family, love and one woman's determination to survive. If you like the whole woman warrior sacrifices herself to save her friends and family and is the hero in the end... this is for you and comes with a dark twist!

4. "Queen of the South"- Drug Cartels+Love gone wrong+ survival mode= an action packed show that you can't look away from!

5. "The Good Witch"- Get into the holiday spirit with this quirky, lighthearted show about a witch that brings her "powers" to a sleepy town.

6. "Once Upon A Time"- I am just getting into this but I am hooked! It's the classic fairy tales we all know and love set in modern day and without happy endings! What?! You gotta watch this to find out more.

7. "Reign"- If you like politics, backstabbing, love triangles, murder all set in historic France... then this show is for you!

8. "Quantico"- FBI, Training, Conspiracies, life or death... need I say more?

9."NCIS"- Want to become a detective every week and love military? This is a show for you!

10. "Supernatural"- Of course, I had to put my favorite show on this list! The eerie darkness of this show is perfect for the fall and has all things to do with the supernatural which is perfect for Halloween! Also, there are two hot guys to look at throughout the series, so that helps!


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