If you haven't heard enough from me already, don't worry you can hear more!

I have started a new adventure, because you know I don't have much going on or anything (sarcasm), with podcasting. If you listen to K 98.5 every day you know I love to talk, I mean I literally talk for almost 8 hours on radio daily, so I have decided to extend that into a podcast with one of my good friends, CJ.

"2HonestWomen: What You See Is What You Get" is a podcast all about being brutally honest. CJ & I are tired of holding our tongues on certain topics in public to be "polite & keep the peace." If you like sarcasm, honesty & laughing, this is the podcast you didn't know you needed! Our topics are about everything from education to relationships to sports to theater, etc. (no politics will be discussed).

So strap in and get ready to be #filterless with us every Monday at 2:30 pm CT! You can find all of our episodes with the link below.

Tiffany Kay
Tiffany Kay


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