The most influential movie of all-time came out in 1939.

Of 47,000 films that were reviewed by an Italian research team, one movie stood alone as the most influential of all time. More movies have been influenced by The Wizard of Oz more than any other movie in cinematic history.

A release by the researchers at the University of Turin said, "The score was based on how much each film had been referenced by subsequent films. The authors found that the top 20 most influential films were all produced before 1980 and mostly in the United States."

Dorthy Gale and The Wizard of Oz had been referenced in movies and on TV over 3,000 times! On Internet Movie Date Base (IMDB) Top 250, The Wizard of Oz is rated as the 229th best movie of all-time.

Other notable movies in the Top 20 were:

2. Star Wars (1979)
3. Psycho (1960)
4. King Kong (1930)
5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
7. Citizen Kane (1941)
9. Frankenstein (1931)
13. The Godfather (1972)
19. Gone With the Wind (1939)

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