Do people ever really meet at the grocery store and fall in love? Or is that just a dumb cliché from romantic comedies?

Well, a new study from Yahoo looked into it. Well, apparently it DOES happen, maybe a lot more than you think! 32% of people said they know at least one person who's gone on a date with someone they met at the store. While 46% of us have flirted with someone while buying groceries.

The part about meeting in the frozen food aisle might just be a cliché though. According to the survey, the three spots where you're most likely to meet someone are the beer, wine, and liquor aisle, the produce section, and the checkout line.

The survey also asked people to rate the best pickup lines or icebreakers to use at the grocery store. The best one for men to use is, 'Hey, I can't find something. Do you know where it is?' And the best one for women to use is, 'Hey, can you help me reach something?'

So the next time you're at Hy-Vee, be sure you ask that tall dark and handsome stranger to reach up and grab something... as long as he's not shopping with his significant other.

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