One of the best things about life is you never know what your next day is going to be like. Sure, you might get up, go to work, and it can feel repetitive but in actuality, every single day you have is a little bit different. Sometimes people wake up and find the love of their life or win the Powerball.

On other days, it might feel like you only have bad luck and nothing goes your way. I wouldn't say I had bad luck this morning because this bus driver seemed like a nice enough guy. Who knows, maybe his intention was to give me an interesting story to share with you. For that, I am grateful.

I get up fairly early in the mornings, at least on weekdays, and sometimes I'm ready to attack the day. I have prepared everything I need the night before and I can get up, put some clothes on, grab my stuff, and walk out the door. Most days, I get up and scramble to get myself together to head to work. This morning (3-24) was one of those scramble mornings. I was in a rush to get out the door and completely forgot to grab the lunch I had set in the fridge.

No big deal, I'll just stop at Casey's gas station by my house, and grab a quick breakfast pizza, some soup, and a monster energy drink. It'll take me 5 extra minutes and I'll be on my way. Well, that 5 minutes turned into a little more than that and I wasn't exactly sure if I'd make it to work on time.

When I walked out of the gas station I found myself in a bit of a predicament. How exactly am I going to get my car out of the gas station...


There just so happened to be a charter bus blocking my exit. When I mean blocked, I mean there might be a foot of space between my car and the end of this bus. I couldn't move forward and I surely couldn't move backward. Uh oh.

I walked over to the bus to see if I could find the driver, hoping he was sitting in the driver's seat and I could just ask him to pull forward a few feet. Just as you'd guess, no bus driver in the front seat. I walked back into the gas station to see if I could locate the captain of this ship, there weren't any shoppers in the gas station. Here's where I get a little bit nervous. Do I need to call my boss and explain the situation and I might be late?

Thankfully, I was not late this morning. As I walked back outside I notice someone getting off the bus. I was hoping this was the driver or at least he knew where the driver might be. "Excuse me, sir are you the driver of the bus?" He replied kindly and said "yep!" He could've been cleaning out seats on the bus or maybe I missed him in the front seat, I'm not sure. Either way, I was just happy to find this gentleman.

I didn't want to make this a big deal or seem like I was being accusatory so I just started laughing and asked if there was any way he could pull forward a few feet so I could get out. Once he realized my car was there, he said "oh shoot" and jumped back on the bus, pulled it forward about 10 feet and I had plenty of room to head to work. When he got back out we both laughed it off and wished each other a happy Friday.

See, you never know what you'll encounter on a daily basis. This guy was really nice and obviously just didn't realize how close he was to my car. No harm no foul. I will say, this isn't the first time I've been blocked from trying to get where I needed to go since I moved to Iowa this past year. I was once blocked from getting in my own driveway!

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