In what is a bittersweet moment for this La Porte City business, after nearly 6 decades of processing meat, it's sadly coming to an end. Kramer Sausage Company has been processing meat for 59 years and after sadly losing its founder last month, Heinz Kramer, it's time to move on.

Heinz Kramer was 88 years old when he sadly passed away last month but back in 1964, he started the Kramer Sausage Company. According to KCRG, Heinz came to Iowa from Germany, and this has been a family business ever since.

Heinz, his wife Heidi, and all 3 of their sons have been a part of the business over the years. Joest Kramer, as of late, has been running the business, and ever since the passing of his dad, it just hasn't been the same. He told KCRG,

It just hasn’t been the same here without my dad even though he wasn’t here all the time you know my brothers and I are up here and it’s just like, you know it’s too strange.

As of now, the Kramer Sausage Company has stopped processing deer and is no longer creating any new products. They hope to sell off as much of what's left as possible. On the Kramer Sausage Company Facebook page, they mention December 31 is the last day of their day-to-day sales and they will be closing the store permanently.

It's possible they could be open some Saturdays in January if they have any more remaining products. They have plenty of products to choose from and will keep everyone updated on if they will have any Saturdays when the doors are open.

After persevering through many obstacles and pushing through various challenges over the years, Joest did want to let his customers know he will miss them and that it's tough to say goodbye. He hopes people will always remember to help small businesses when they can. According to KCRG, he said

I’ll miss my customers who became our friends and that’s been the toughest part, saying goodbye to people. I’d like to see our customers and other people remember the little guys that are out there and find another place to go to.

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