One of the most nerve wracking things for any website admin is notion that their website may be outdated. For example, imagine coming to our website and seen the last story we posted was from like, 2017 or something... EEK. Well, there are a handful of websites trapped in the past and it is actually kind of fun to take a look at them. Notice how dated and basic they are! Most 12 year old kids could craft a better website on their tablets I'm sure... So, since you're already on your internet machine, lets start our journey down 'Old Time Website Road', shall we?

From 1993, this is the oldest relic I can share with you. Ali Web is long thought to be the first search engine. Not a lotta searching going on there now.

Ahhhh yeah! Space Jam was awesome! Its website? Maybe not so much by today's standards. From the 1996 movie comes... the 1996 website. Still untouched and fully functional, this website is throwback to the classic Michael Jordan and Bug Bunny hit.

This fun gen from 1997 seems to be both an informative website about dinosaurs, and a failed marketing tool. Check out INGEN and see if you can make sense of it.

No idea what this 1994 olide is all about, but I do know it's not the milk I am use to seeing. Milk Kommunikations website is certainly... prehistoric.

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