I personally have never been on a diet, ESPECIALLY not during the holidays because I know I will be too tempted to eat all the holiday goodies. So to those of you who stay strong on those diets during the holiday season, I salute you! For those of you who have trouble, I am with you and here to help.

They say if you know what the temptations are to take you down a wrong path they are easier to avoid so here are the foods that will probably knock you off your diet this holiday season just so you are aware.

According to a new survey, the top foods we are willing to break our diet for during this time of year are cookies (duh, I make dozens of them!), pies and cakes and home-cooked holiday meals ( I mean it's really the best way to celebrate the holidays).

Now that you know the temptations are you going to stay away from those and stay on your diet? No? That's okay, I won't judge and will keep your secret...

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