If you aren't hungry yet, you will be after reading this list of restaurants that NEED to come to the Cedar Valley.

I recently went back to my home state of Ohio for a few weeks as a mini vacation and as well know I LOVE FOOD, so of course the number one thing I did while home was hit up all my favorite restaurants (while practicing social distance, of course). As I visited my favorite hometown places, I realized that the Cedar Valley really needed some of these restaurants to broaden the food experience. So, I decided to ask you all what restaurants you really want to come to the Cedar Valley on our Facebook page.

Below are some of the answers that you all shared and the top ones included Cheddar's (never heard of it honestly), Sonic, Outback Steakhouse and Golden Corral. Check them out to see if your choices were on there. If I could bring one restaurant here it would be Melt Bar & Grill which has every time of grilled cheese you could think to make and the sandwiches are the size of your face.... calories here I come!

Restaurants the Cedar Valley Needs

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