Parents have your kids been naughty or nice this year? Santa is watching and has already made his list so where do you think your kids landed? Well, it may all have to do with their names.

There is a company called School Stickers that put together a list of kids who are on the naughty and nice list based on their names. This company puts together personalized stickers, awards, and certificates for kids who do well in school and so based it off of students who got the most and least awards throughout the year. So the question is .... are they right?

Let's take a look at the lists.

Girls on the nice lists: Sophie, Jessica, Olivia, Emily, Grace, Chloe, Megan, Ella, Ruby & Emma

Girls on the naughty list: Alexandra, Esther, Faith, Lydia, Nicole, Tia, Summer, Libby, Aimee & Imogen

Boys on the nice list: Jack, Joshua, Harry, Oliver, Charlie, Thomas, Ethan, James, Daniel & Matthew

Boys on the naughty list: Logan, Harrison, Liam, Jacob, Leo, Jamie, Owen, Conner, Michael & Archie

So based on these lists are your kids naughty or nice? If their names are not on this list, let's just go with they have all been good this year.

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