This past weekend my fiance and headed back home to visit friends and family in Minneapolis. It was one of my closest friend's 31st birthday celebration this week and he had a party at his house. We spent the day talking, laughing, and drinking. A lot. This reminded me there's one popular light beer that Iowans don't seem to know about. They were everywhere at my friend's house in and are my fiance's favorite light beer. We sure are having a terrible time finding them in Iowa though.

If you lined up this beer next to your standard light beers you can say it would pretty much taste the same. If you had a Bud Light, Coors Light, and Busch Light sitting next to each other, put a blindfold on, and drank them, would you be able to tell the difference? I think it might be harder than you think. The only one I'm pretty confident of knowing is the Coors Light, only because I don't care for it. If you added this light beer into the mix, I'd have absolutely no shot.

Maybe you've heard of this, but I'm starting to find out a lot of Iowans haven't. My fiance and I went into 3 different Iowa liquor stores yesterday looking for this beer and none of them had it. 2 out of 3 had workers who said they straight-up "haven't even heard of that" which blew my mind. It's one thing for an everyday person to maybe not know but people who work at a store that sells booze? Especially one that's pretty popular in the midwest?

You may be thinking this is just some random Minnesota beer but I assure you, it's not. I've drank Michelob Golden Lights in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and even Missouri, which is where the beer is brewed. I know Busch Light is Iowa's drink of choice but I can't believe I haven't found a single case of Michelob Golden Light since moving here.

To be fair I don't necessarily care for this stuff either so I'm not really missing out on anything. If that's what's available to drink, I have no problem drinking them, but I very rarely buy the stuff. If I do buy a case, it's usually for my fiance. She's not a huge beer drinker but if she's going to drink a beer, this is what she's having.

I was nice and decided to grab a case when we were in Minnesota just to bring them back for her.



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