Anything that derives from the traditional solo singer on talent reality shows tends to be somewhat of an outlier, and that is no different on NBC's hit The Voice. However, on Monday night's show (Nov. 2), a family trio managed to turn all four chairs, causing a bit of an argument between coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani as they strove to complete their teams in the final throes of Blind Audition weeks.

A trio (very rare!) composed of two teenage sisters and their mom and billed as "Worth the Wait" managed to cause ripples with their very first few sung words of Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved." All four coaches hit their buttons straight off the bat, with Stefani asking first to introduce themselves.

The two younger girls spoke first, with the eldest member of the group proclaiming proudly, "I'm Mama." Legend exclaimed, "You look like a sister," to which she replied, "Of course! Thank you!"

Stefani tapped into the fact that family harmonies are impossible to replicate, saying that she heard one voice, but turned around and saw three people on stage.

To that, "Mama" explained that she'd originally had all three of her daughters up on stage, but one of her girls had a special-needs baby requiring more time than performance would allow.

"I also was in a band with my brother," Stefani enthused. "We wrote 'Don't Speak' together; we wrote a bunch of songs together. So I know the family thing as well." She then asked what genre the trio might want to do, to which they replied "country."

Stefani then threw her newly-minted fiance Shelton under the bus, saying "He is so burnt out," after doing 19 seasons on the show.

"I feel like I have a lot of support from the country community," Stefani elaborated, playing a video of Trace Adkins stating that Shelton has "used up his luck" in terms of landing Stefani as his main gal. (Clarkson guffawed at this, while Shelton merely said, "What an idiot.")

Clarkson took over in a businesslike manner, saying that she heard a few weak points and that she would "definitely push you like a choir director" if they chose to be on her team.

Shelton then had his say, noting that the group couldn't hide their country roots if they tried, due to their speaking voices. "I think you need to have songs that let your harmonies soar," he elaborated.

Finally, Legend, probably realizing he didn't have too much of a chance, told the trio that he didn't know much about country music, but did grow up in the church doing music and knows a lot about harmonizing.

Who did they choose? Well, probably not too hard to figure out. The family decision resulted in a safe bet: Team Blake, rounding out the country singer's team for this particular season.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC, and we will be following the entire season. Check back here to see how your favorites do each week and see how the coaches build their teams week by week.

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