It has nothing to do with so called "weather patterns". 

All of the these "cold snaps" that we keep hearing about has nothing to do with the real reason why it snowed almost 4 inches in Iowa Friday night. But we have come up with some real reasons why we are already seeing snow in mid-November.

  1. We are getting too cocky on the roads. We've had free reign of the highways the last few months and it always right around this time when someone inevitably says, "Why aren't the speed limits on Iowa highways 80 miles per hour" that we get the reminder with some dangerous driving conditions.
  2. Tiding over the holiday jumpers. There are those people that skip right over Thanksgiving and start their Christmas celebrations early. So the weather decided to allow those people to sing It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas an opportunity to sing the songs now so we don't have to hear it for the next month.
  3.  A reminder that lights can go up but you don't have to turn them on. There is something to be said about putting up the lights on the house when it's warmer out but not turning them on till after Thanksgiving. The weather basically said, "ha ha too late."
  4. Messing with people who don't think global warming is a thing. How could the earth be heating up when there is snow in November? ha. Got 'em.
  5. Hell has frozen over. There is a good chance... think about it: The Bears are in 1st place. Nebraska has won 4 games.

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