Millions of people around the world gathered in front of their televisions this past Sunday to watch the season finale of the hit HBO show, The Last Of Us. If you've never seen the show, it's based on the extremely popular video game of the same name. In 2013, within the first week, the game sold 1.3 million copies.

At that time, this made The Last Of Us the biggest-selling video game during the first week, according to LEVVVEL. In the year 2023, The Last Of Us sold more than 37 million copies worldwide.

According to Fierce Video, the post-apocalyptic drama show is the most-watched HBO in both Europe and Latin America and is quickly approaching 40 million viewers across the first 6 episodes in the United States. It's well worth checking out season 1 if you have access to HBO.

The post-apocalyptic based show poses a great question for you and the state of Iowa. Would Iowa be a good place to be if you needed to survive a zombie apocalypse the quick answer is...yes. Iowa is one of the best states to be if there was ever a zombie invasion.

Doomsday: Best States For Survival

Cable TV has put together a map of the best states for surviving a zombie invasion and things are looking fantastic for Iowans. It turns out much of the midwest wouldn't be a bad place to end up if doomsday were upon us.

The more farmlands and fewer people each state has turns out to be a pretty good scenario in a zombie apocalypse. Being able to farm your own food and not rely on hunting bodes well for Iowans. Makes sense to me. Fewer people equal fewer zombies in the surrounding area and more food will help you live longer when supplies are scarce.

Cable TV looked at population density in each state, the number of farms per capita, and each state's electricity percentage from solar. It appears as if the east coast is pretty much done for. New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Delaware make up the top 6 worst states to be in for a zombie apocalypse.

Iowa ranks as the 4th best state for surviving a zombie apocalypse. The top 5 states are all located in the middle parts of the country.

Cable TV
Cable TV

The best states to survive a zombie apocalypse are;

  • 1 - North Dakota
  • 2 - Nebraska
  • 3 - South Dakota
  • 4 - Iowa 
  • 5 - Kansas
  • 6 - Idaho
  • 7 - California
  • 8 - Nevada
  • 9 - Montana
  • 10 - Minnesota

When I first saw this study I wondered how could California be placed in the top 10. After a quick google search, almost 40 million people live in California. Why would anyone want to be in a state with that many people if everyone is turning into a zombie?

Supposedly California has better than average farmability per capita and is the nation's best when it comes to solar power. If you can stay out of the major cities, supposedly you'd be okay. I'm not really buying that though...I'll stick with Iowa if doomsday is ever upon us.

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