923 pictures is a lot of pictures. There are days when I feel very confident I can get this challenge done and on other days it seems impossible.

If you're unaware of this K92.3 selfie challenge it's pretty simple. I need to take 923 selfies by labor day or I will get fired from my new job.

Some of my friends from Minnesota wanted to come down and visit and spend the weekend in Iowa, and we had a blast. Spent way too much money...but had a ton of fun.

We went golfing, bar hopped around, and ate at some really cool restaurants that I've never been to. It was really fun to explore parts of Iowa I haven't experienced yet with some of my best friends.

This selfie challenge might be the weirdest thing I've ever had to do. Most of the time people are really cool about it and take a picture with me but sometimes I get the weirdest looks, or people staring at me as I jump from person to person.

If we ever run into each other and I ask you to take a selfie, I promise I'm not weird, I just want to keep my new job.  If you ever want to help me with this challenge I'd greatly appreciate it!

We're inching closer and closer to the 100 selfie mark. My morning co-host Kerri Mac doesn't think I can count some of these as selfies but I've decided I'm counting them. I'll need all the help I can get to finish this.

All of these were taken at North Point in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

K92.3 Selfie Challenge Downtown Cedar Rapids

K92.3 Selfie Challenge


Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa

Eli Young Band took the stage at the historic Surf Ballroom, in Clear Lake Iowa

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