Don't let the best holiday become the worst.

Every Thanksgiving in the Neuman house, it takes hours and hours to cook all the food and then it takes 10 minutes to eat. Then, as soon as we are all stuffed, someone mentions dessert and every person at the table groans. We will inevitably decide to wait awhile before coming back to the table to eat dessert. The problem is that after that meal is over NO ONE is in the mood (or the shape) to do the dishes. But this year might be different after hearing the dangers that is the Thanksgiving meal.

Leaving food out is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to your big meal. Food left out for two hours or more at room temp. could be dangerous. So even if you are putting off the dishes, get the Tupperware ready to get that food in the fridge quickly.

Salmonella is always a concern when handling raw turkey or if it's under cooked, but don't under-cook the re-heat either.  The magic number when re-heating food is 165. That is the temperature your food should be heated to to kill off any bacteria. If you don't have a thermometer, make sure the food is steaming hot before you chow down.

When defrosting that bird, make sure there's a drip pan underneath it so that juice doesn't get on other food in your refrigerator.

And finally... see the problem before it happens.

child safety at home concept - toddler reaching for pan on the stove in kitchen
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