Don't let these go away!

If you have DirecTV you may notice, in the picture above, there have been a few channels in the Cedar Valley that have a graphic in the display about this channel being dropped.

This is because there is a dispute between Viacom and DirecTV. A dispute that means all Viacom channels would be dropped by DirecTV including:

BET (and affiliates)
Comedy Central
CMT (and affiliates)
MTV (and affiliates)
Nickelodeon (and affiliates)
Paramount Network
TV Land

AT&T (DirecTV's owner) is hoping that there will be a mutual agreement in place before the channels get interrupted. If DirecTV users call the number on the graphic (888-250-5557) they are given an automated response saying that Viacom doesn't even want to get more money out of DirecTV. They, in-fact, want to lower monthly bills for DirecTV subscribers. So if you call that number, be sure to talk to a human and let your voice be heard that you do not want these channels to be dropped.

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