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  • Camille Parker

    "The Flame"

    Accompanied by a stunning music video, Camille Parker brings pop country to new heights. On "The Flame," Parker questions her poor luck with love and resolves to change her approach. With a lush soundscape that swirls guitars, synths, electronic drums, and classical strengths together, Parker suggests what the Nashville Sound could become. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Sad Daddy

    "Charlie Pickle"

    Fresh off the success of Melissa Carper's solo album Daddy's Country Gold, Carper's band Sad Daddy do what they do best: mine old-time string music for today's lessons. The song is a character sketch of Charlie Pickle, no doubt inspired by some of the band's fans. Pickle doesn't care what you think about him or his advanced age -- he just wants to party. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Brent Cobb

    "When It's My Time"

    One of country music's most effortless shapeshifters, Brent Cobb is following up 2018's country-funk revelry Providence Canyon and last year's more introspective Keep 'Em on They Toes with his first gospel record. "When It's My Time," which Cobb co-wrote with his wife, Layne, and Mike Harmeier, is the second song off the cheekily titled And Now Let's Turn to Page..., and the LP's only original composition. Written after a near-fatal car accident involving Cobb's young son, the song is a timely reminder of life's precious gifts. -- Will Groff

  • Erin Rae

    "Candy & Curry"

    "I'm hearing many voices, so convincing," Erin Rae sings on this meditative new track, which was inspired by an early-pandemic reverie at a friend's cabin in Madison, Tenn. Produced by Jonathan Wilson, the song pairs Rae's ethereal, multi-tracked vocals with an arrangement that combines elements of dream-pop and psychedelic rock. The third single off Rae's upcoming album Lighten Up, out Feb. 4, "Candy & Curry" is one of the Nashville singer-songwriter's most hypnotic entries to date. -- Will Groff

  • Rob Aldridge and the Proponents

    "Mind Over Manners"

    Muscle Shoals-based Rob Aldridge and the Proponents are set to return with the second full-length album together in January; their first since their 2018 eponymous debut. This record comes after a difficult year for the band, one that saw the sudden death of bassist Stone Anderson. But Anderson had already recorded all of his parts, and Aldridge wrapped production with Jay Burgess in Greenhill, Alabama. Aldridge says that the first single is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, describing “Mind Over Manners” as “a response to white people who dismiss the movement based on the riots and property damage.” Aldridge adds, “It’s essentially asking white people who feel this way, ‘If you’re being honest with yourself about the history of racism in this country, how can you blame them for rioting?’” -- Blake Ells

  • The Lumineers

    "A.M. Radio"

    The Lumineers' latest single "A.M. Radio" features one of their most layered and anthemic choruses since their 2016 hit "Ophelia." The anthemic track is the latest sampling from their upcoming record Brightside, which is set for release on Jan. 14, 2022. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Molly Tuttle

    "She'll Change"

    Co-written with Old Crow Medicine Show’s Ketch Secor, the latest single from Molly Tuttle and her band Golden Highway is a celebration of the talented women musicians who came before her. It's the first taste of Tuttle's upcoming new record, which is due out on Nonesuch Records sometime in 2022. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Willie Jones

    “Soul Food”

    Shreveport, La., native Willie Jones mines the lower end of his register on this sticky slow jam, which seamlessly blends elements of country and R&B. It's been a delight to see Jones leave behind the wreckage of X Factor USA's chaotic second season and emerge as one of the most exciting voices in country music. -- Will Groff

  • Courtney Hartman


    Talented singer-songwriter and former Della Mae guitarist Courtney Hartman stuns on "Wandering," one of the standout tracks from her latest album Glade. Written on the steps of her camper, the track shimmers with comforting acoustic guitar and Hartman's smooth, soaring vocals. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Charles Wesley Godwin

    "Lyin' Low"

    The immensely personal "Lyin' Low" finds Charles Wesley  Godwin examining what matters most. Balancing the constant pull toward home while chasing dreams out on the road, Godwin uses traditional folk storytelling to explore a personal battle most of us face at one point or another. -- Lorie Liebig

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