Some of life's biggest mysteries are what is our purpose on this earth? How are carrots orange? What is the point of a shooting star? And of course the big question, what are the points of hiccups?

Well, I may not have all the answers to these hard questions, but I do have the answer to at least one. Why do we hiccup? Honestly, hiccups are really annoying when they happen and seem to serve no purpose and factually, they really don't serve a purpose when you are an adult only when you are a baby.

You see scientists at the University College London have found out that when you are a baby hiccups actually serve a purpose. Hiccups trigger a huge wave of brain cells in babies and help to teach them how to regulate their breathing. Now when we grow up, our hiccups stay with us but honestly don't serve a purpose anymore. You basically have a hiccup hangover for the rest of your life.

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