The community of people named Josh were at it again, in Nebraska, this past weekend. Last year, there was an event in Lincoln, Nebraska, where a bunch of people named Josh met at a park, to fight over the right to keep their name. This all started when Josh Swain, from Tuscon, Arizona, sent out a tweet challenging anyone who had the same name as him.

This entire thing is just so cool and really funny to me. What a great idea for a charity event. It really shows the power of the internet. When used for good, things can happen that you've never thought were possible. Proceeds raised from this event go towards Children's Hospitals in Nebraska.

These Joshs have a lot of fun with this as they show up in costumes, football pads, helmets, mascot outfits, you name it. Speaking of that, do you know many people with the same name as you? I don't.

I can honestly say I don't know that many Gabes. There was only 1 who went to high school with me, who strangely enough, we shared a birthday, and then I met another Gabe in college. That Gabe and I are still friends to this day. How many Gabes have you met? 

The Josh fight had a repeat winner this year. Last year, a then 4-year-old Josh Vinson Jr, was the first Josh fight winner. He was able to defend his title and is now a back-to back-champion. What makes this really special for Josh and his family is he has received treatment at a children's hospital this event raises money for.  

If you would like to help out Children's Hospitals in Nebraska please visit The Josh Fight website.

This Toy Is Worth Thousands

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