Sometimes a situation may call for a swear word but your kids are around and you just can't say what you really want to. So what do you say instead?

I do not have kids but I was a nanny for awhile and I totally understand how hard it is to not swear in front of kids especially when a situation may "call" for it such as banging for pinkie toe into the door (yes, it has happened many times). You don't want your kids to pick up on this bad language and so you try to muffle the words that come out of your mouth or internally scream. However, what if you just can't stop a word from coming out? Well, you could train yourself to say these alternate phrases instead!

A recent survey of 2,000 parents asked for alternate words and phrases they use, so they don't curse in front of their kids. Here are the top 10, please enjoy and use as you please.

1.  "What the frog."

2.  "Sugar."

3.  "Oh muck."

4.  "Shitake mushrooms."

5.  "Mother-smucker."

6.  "Oh, cheeses."

7.  "Shut the front door."

8.  "Fire truck."

9.  "Bull spit."

10.  "Oh ship."

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