As our battle with the Coronavirus outbreak continues, people are coming up with more and more ways to cope with social distancing and self-isolation. If anything good actually comes from this, it's the fact that many of us have become very creative in passing the time and helping our friends and neighbors cope with the stress during these trying times.

It's spring time in Iowa, sunshine and warmer weather should help brighten everyone's spirits. Thankfully, one of the socially-acceptable things to do to pass the time is taking walks. It keeps you and your family from going "stir crazy" inside the house all day. The next time you're on a walk, start looking for teddy bears in your neighbor's windows, as teddy bear scavengers hunts have become more and more popular.

The idea comes from the award-winning children’s book, “Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen.

"We’re going on a bear hunt/We’re going to catch a big one/What a beautiful day!/We’re not scared."

Area communities like Cedar Falls, Raymond, Clarksville, Allison and Greene have recently come together with very high participation seen around neighborhoods.

Photo provided by Jamie Mnayer

Now, several Facebook groups, are encouraging people to place cut-out hearts in windows. The idea is to show support and love and says “thank you” to essential workers. It's a great way to "spread the love, not germs" and bring some joy to others. In addition to teddy bears and hearts, I've also seen rainbows in windows as a sign of hope. Plus, some very creative "chalk art" on sidewalks and driveways that are very colorful and filled with positive messages!

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Photo provided by Katie Maricle
Photo provided by Jessie McKenna
Photo provided by Jolisa Stoneman
Photo provided by Johnette Wilhelmi

If you walk by this author's house, you can see this hanging in the window! (I've never known a more true statement!)