9-Pound Goldfish Found in Lake (Photo)
Park officials in South Carolina found a gigantic nine-pound goldfish while conducting a study about the health of the fish in the lake. It was released back into Oak Grove Lake.
According to Guinness World Records, in 1997 a man in Australia had two goldfish that weighed two pounds each and were 14 …
This Guy Built a GIANT Nerf Bazooka (VIDEO)
Don't get into a NERF battle with this guy...
He built a NERF Bazooka using 6" diameter PVC pipe and some 3D printed parts.
According to his YouTube page;
The monster darts are launched using 6-9 rubber tubes that pull a plunger against the dart...
Monopoly “Longest Game Ever” Edition
If you've ever thought, "I sure wish it took longer to play Monopoly," then you'll love this:
Monopoly LONGEST GAME EVER Edition -- not even going bankrupt will end your tenure on the board. Get it for around $20 on
The game can only end once a player o…
2,350-Pound Pumpkin Grown in Minnesota
This 2,350-pound pumpkin grown in Anoka, MN, was the heaviest pumpkin grown in North America this year.
If you win the Safeway Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off you are paid $7 per pound -- which means he scored $16,450.
At a contest in California, Travis Gienger's giant pumpkin was 176 po…
Ranch for Sale in Texas — It’s Half the Size of Rhode Island
Looking to own some land?
Brewster Ranch in Texas is for sale – it’s a gigantic 420,000 acres -- about half the size of Rhode Island.
The asking price? $320 million.
It’s available as a whole or can be purchased as five separate entities:

Rio Texico 117,000 acres
Dove Mountain 196,000 acres
Horse Mountain…
A Ram Truck with a 16-foot Bed
Behold: a Ram 4500 with a bed that's 16 feet long.
Now this is how you tailgate...or use it as a mobile swimming pool. (photo below)
According to The Drive, this pickup has been stretched out to a 205-inch wheelbase to accommodate the enormous bed...