Start, Iowa, welcomes you! Well, sort of. There was a bit of a mishap last week when the town of Stuart, located west of Des Moines, got to see its new water tower. It wasn't just a little mishap either. You almost wonder how this could even be possible.

As far as I know, the town of Stuart isn't getting a name change any time soon but they will probably be looking for a bit of a re-due on its new tower. At the very least, Stuart will be looking forward to a fresh coat of paint.

You're looking at that image correctly. On one side of the new Stuart water tower, the town's name was spelled incorrectly. The other side does have the correct spelling, so how could this have happened?

KCCI reports that Stuart is growing and the town is expected to add nearly 150 new homes. With the addition of so many new homes, a bigger water supply is needed for the town.

Katelyn Johnson is a resident of Stuart and after posting an image on social media of the town's name being misspelled on the tower, the story blew up online. She told KCCI,

It started blowing up like crazy. And everybody is like, 'No way!' Everybody has been talking about it in town and everywhere.

While one side of the tower does have the town's name spelled correctly, the contractor had to give the other side another shot.

The Mayor of Stuart is Dick Cook and he found the entire thing pretty hilarious. He told KCCI

A lot of people saw it from the interstate and started to complain about it. It was hilarious. I mean, a lot of people were posting this, 'they don't know how to spell the town of Stuart.' That's fine.

Supposedly what happened was the contractor was in the process of repainting the town's name because it was off-center. This supposedly caused this "oopsie." The good news for Stuart is that they now have a brand new water tower and the name has been corrected.

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